Students and Families

OUSD is thrilled to offer students engaging, challenging curriculum through our Career Pathways and Academies that prepare all students for college and career. Academies are hosted at most of our high schools and are open to all students.

Find a Linked Learning Pathway that excites your student!

Linked Learning is an amazing opportunity for students to have a quality learning experience that is integrated with career awareness, academics, exploration, and experiential opportunities.  A student who participates in Linked Learning opportunities in Oakland Unified School District may benefit from:

  • An integrated curriculum
  • A cohort model where they move along with a set of peers that can offer support, guidance, and connection
  • Quality teachers who have additional opportunities for professional development and guidance
  • Strong academic preparation
  • Technical training opportunities
  • Work-based learning/internship opportunities
  • Additional support services
  • Job shadowing opportunities
  • Access to extensive career assessments and guidance
  • A connection between what they are learning in the classroom and future career opportunities to support student motivation and graduation
  • A variety of projects, assignments, and enrichment opportunities to accommodate students with different learning styles
  • A strong relationship with teachers
  • Motivation, academic preparation, and guidance for future college and career goals!

We invite to you explore our website to learn more about Linked Learning opportunities in OUSD and its benefits!

To see a map of OUSD College and Career Pathways click here.

For information about the College and Career Readiness Office, which supports Linked Learning in OUSD, please click here.